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Can you get sued for defamation for writing a review online against a company?

  In this day and age with Yelp and online reviews of businesses, one may wonder to what extent defamation laws are applicable and when would they come into play.  A recent case ZL Technologies v. Doe  demonstrates how. ZL provides email archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance support to businesses nationwide. Glassdoor operates a website on […]

Fox News didn’t escape a lawsuit on “fair use” grounds for its use of 9/11 photos

This week, Fox News lost a bid to end a lawsuit over its use of one 9/11 photo. Plaintiff, publisher of The Record and the Herald News alleged that Fox News’ television program Justice with Judge Jeanine posted on its Facebook page a now iconic photograph by Thomas Franklin.  The photo depicted three firefighters raising the American flag at the ruins of the […]

Negotiating Agreements in Reality Television

Reality television is a new growing area in the entertainment industry.  Although the area is flexible due to lack of sufficient history, three types of reality television agreements exist: 1) writer agreements, 2) performer agreements and 3) content creator/producer agreements. Each of the above-named agreements have their own deal points that must be carefully negotiated […]