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Garcia v. Google

  Can an actor claim copyrights for her performance?   In a recent ninth circuit ruling, the court held that yes, an actor can have an independent copyright ownership for her performance. Plaintiff was cast in a minor role in an adventure film with the working title “Desert Warrior.” The film never materialized.  But plaintiff’s […]

Vesting of Contingent Compensation in Pay or Played Television Director Agreement: What is 20/60/10/10 Formula?

  IP Law Click, an Entertainment and IP Law Firm  One of the issues in negotiating director agreements in television is whether contingent compensation provision applies in situations where a director is pay or played off a film.  The question becomes will the director be entitled to any portion of the negotiated contingent compensation since […]

What is a Work for Hire Agreement?

   If you are commissioning someone to work on a project for you, are not a traditional employer, and yet want to retain all rights to the work created, it becomes important to understand “work for hire” agreements.   In a general employer employee relationship, the employer owns all rights to the work created by employee. […]

Why license video games?

Licensing is when a copyright owner gives permission for someone else to do something normally restricted by copyright law. Copyright protects artistic and literary expression.  It covers a broad variety of creative expression from email, to websites, to video games. Generally speaking, the underlying code of a video game is protected as a literary work, […]

Patent Expirations Creating Opportunities for Biotech M&A Large pharmaceutical companies with expired patents are looking for products to supplement their research and development efforts.  Hot areas appear to be in oncology names and autoimmune areas.  Although large pharmaceutical companies are facing one of the worst dilemmas with respect to patent expirations, they also have access […]

How to Protect Your IP Rights?

There are four main areas of intellectual property that any company or individual must protect because it is so easy to do so and can save you a great deal of money and time on litigation. Copyrights Copyrights are defined as tangible form of expression. Copyright law requires that there be a modicum of creativity […]

Basic Copyright Law: What is a fair use?

A fair use is any copying of copyrighted material for a limited and “transformative” purpose such as to comment upon, criticize or parody a copyrighted work.  This type of use is allowed without permission from the copyright owner. If your use qualifies under the definition above, then your use would not be considered an illegal […]

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Harry Potter Plagiarism Case

A British judge has allowed a lawsuit to go forward that alleges that J.K. Rowling plagiarized “Harry Potter” from the author of an obscure fantasy book, “Willy the Wizard.” However, the judge described the plaintiff’s chances of success as “improbable” and ordered them to post cash security before future hearings are held.  

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