# Focus on Legal takes a progressive approach towards meeting clients' needs. Our vision is to provide services in ways different from past approaches. We are young industry professionals who believe in innovation providing clients with the best possible efficient service. Many boutique firms are small scale replica of their larger counterparts. Our clients are comprised of innovative, creative, young companies and highly talented individuals who are seeking novel ways of solving their problems and legal issues. Our clients will be in direct contact with the attorney handling their matter.

Our attorneys work with their clients to develop, enhance, and broaden ideas and brands, create new permutations in order to enhance their value of IP and technology. We strive to guide clients to achieve their goals and match the spirit of entrepreneurs. Our services are adapted to make the complex corporate legal services equally accessible to start up and well established clients. We have developed software technology by collaborating with MIT graduates to assure clients' deadlines are met and projects are transparently communicated amongst attorneys and client efficiently without unnecessary overhead costs. We have saved companies millions of dollars by such implementation.

Realities of many start ups and entrepreneurs make it impractical to have expensive outside counsel with high billable rates or in house counsel as full time needs may not exist. We provide our services in a hybrid of in house and outside counsel capacity. We periodically visit our company clients at their site to have a holistic and interactive understanding of their business. We can structure visits as frequently as company need demands on a case by case basis. Our goal is to build a collaborative team rather than operate as a detached business. We can provide you with customized rates and services to match your needs.

So, Why us?

  • Our mission is to use a green and environmentally friendly way to serve our clients.
  • We provide creative solutions to your legal issues.
  • We are experts who not only have experience working at prominent international law firms with reputable academic backgrounds, but also are passionate about creative arts and are avid advocates of creativity.